Let it Thaw!

OK folks, it’s time to take care of what is hopefully the last snowfall of the Spring.

Below, is our Township’s ordinance regarding “Snow and Ice Removal”.

Let’s get out and clear our walkways, curb-cuts and do an extra shovel-push for our elderly neighbors.

Lots of the snow has melted already and it’s a bit heavy so mind, and listen to your your back muscles.

Oh, and don’t forget, Opening Day is just 16 days away!


Chapter 137. Snow and Ice Removal

ยง 137-2. Removal by owner or occupant.

It shall be the duty of the owner, or if the owner is not in residence, the occupant, lessee, tenant or person having charge of any building, building lot, piece of ground or parcel of real estate in the Township of Abington abutting upon any public place, to remove or cause to be removed all snow and ice from the sidewalk pavement or established footpaths in front of or adjacent to such premises to a width of not less than three feet within 24 hours after such snow or ice shall have fallen or accumulated thereon.


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