Now that the weather seems to be breaking, spring will give us the energy to continue and complete the tasks and ideas that we’ve had stirring in our brains throughout a long, cold winter.
Spring is by far, my favorite season. Always has been. It’s the sights, smells, growth, baseball…
I would like to take an opportunity to update you on the projects we talked about last year, started in November and are currently in motion:

Economic and Business Development
In our plans to develop an “association” among the businesses along the Township Line Corridor and throughout our area, I have been working with our Township’s Assistant Manager in contacting other groups and organizations located in our County in order to solicit their advice and guidance in formulating our own in the McKinley, Elkins Park and Jenkintown sections of our Ward.

Communication and Transparency
Interviews for any and all committee and board positions are happening. Vacancy postings and information are becoming more accessible and visual. The Township’s website is receiving an overhaul and now has its own Facebook page and email blast.
“Coffee with the Commish” meetings have begun and will continue at different locations throughout our Ward following each Board of Commissioner’s meeting.

Traffic and Safety
Our open discussions and dialogue with residents continues as well.
I’ve had several meetings with the APD and currently have another one scheduled this week with the Rockledge Borough Police Department to talk about our issues on Church Road.
Also, our job is not done in the Fillmore/Fox Chase Park area. More trees require maintenance and soon I will ask all residents in the general vicinity to become part of a ‘clean-up crew’ and establish a designated day when we all “take back the park”. I have spoken with representatives from Public Works and they have assured me of their assistance and materials/labor needed to maintain and tidy-up our area in addition to as assigning a grass-maintenance schedule throughout the spring and summer.

That’s the business at hand this spring and summer. More details to follow.
And like always, I will keep you up to date via email, social media and phone. Feel free to contact me using any of these methods, anytime.

Jimmy D.

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