Mobile Device Overages

Good Morning Neighbors,

I wanted to share a copy of letter I sent out last month to all of the major mobile phone companies on our behalf. It’s basically a request to cut us a break on any overages we may have incurred on our wireless and mobile phone plans.

For most of us, our mobile devices were the only means of communication while we were without power for several days.

I know for a fact that people in our neighborhoods visited their email, my website and information pages daily to check out updates and storm repair information. Most did not have power in their homes and therefore, did not have internet access. By viewing my subscriber reports, it is evident that hundreds of you were still keeping in touch by continually using your cell phones.

Although I have yet to hear anything from the various companies, I anticipate some kind of response soon and will inform you of any information that I hope to receive.

Get out and enjoy the weather today.  Opening Day (Phillies) is just a few weeks away!

mobile overage letter

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