ATFD recommends another check of your current smoke and carbon monoxide detectors…

Did you remember to check them when we changed the clocks a few months back?
Before you begin cooking for the big game on Sunday, give your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors a quick-look this weekend.


My smoke or carbon monoxide alarm keeps chirping, even with a new battery. What is causing this?

  • It is possible that your detector “silence” button was pushed by mistake. The alarm will now “chirp” once a minute for up to 15 minutes before resetting.
  • Are you sure it’s the smoke or carbon monoxide alarm? Other devices have similar low battery chirps or warning tones.
  • Even “new” batteries may not be fresh. Always check the freshness date on the package when buying new batteries.

It is recommended that alarms are replaced after 10 years.

  • Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms have a limited life. Although each alarm and all of its parts have passed many stringent tests and are designed to be as reliable as possible, any of these parts could fail over time.
  • All smoke and carbon monoxide alarms should be replaced every 10 year.

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