There are many, many things I am truly thankful for (family, friends, neighbors…), but I wanted to share something that occurred just recently. Whether she realizes it or not, she is now a part of the beginning of my journey as a public servant for our Township.
Her name is Mrs. Bonnie Heinz. She is the first person you see when you enter McKinley Elementary. Bonnie handles all of the phone calls, visitors and forgotten homework assignments and lunches.
Last Friday and shortly after I was officially declared the Commissioner-Elect, I called McKinley to see if I was able to speak with my daughter and give her the good news. I told Bonnie I didn’t want to disrupt her classes but really needed to get a message to her. Bonnie went a bit further and managed to get my daughter out of class and allowed her to call me back on the school’s reception desk phone.
I told Malayna that I had won and I could actually see her beautiful smile through the phone. I also told her that she could tell her friends and classmates to stop ‘bugging’ her and that her dad was finally the confirmed winner of the election.
I then told her that I loved her and to get back to class. She responded by saying, “OK, Daddy. I love you too. Congratulations, Commissioner!” With that said (and my eyes welling-up), this marked the true beginning of our four-year journey.

On behalf of my family and Team 4, I’d like to wish you and your family…and Bonnie, a most joyous and relaxing Thanksgiving Day and a very Happy Hanukkah!

thanksgiving hanukkah pic

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