Our Campaign

Throughout this campaign, I tried to keep you totally informed of the events and happenings via social media, blogs, meet and greets, phone calls and good old fashioned door-knocking.  Abington always has a lot going on that directly affects its residents, businesses, organizations and its surrounding Townships and Counties.  This upcoming election is no exception.

With one day before the election, I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about not just my campaign, but OUR campaign.

Our goal was to develop something positive, focused, fun, friendly, always moving forward and not looking back to see what others were doing. This has been a movement of a united community with one common goal and the absence of party affiliation.

We kept it low-budget and graciously accept donations from the hard-working neighbors within our Township.

We set the precedent by upholding the respect for our friends and neighbors and their property when advertizing my candidacy.

Our message was simple:  Select the candidate who you believed was the best representation of you and your family.  Choose the person who is proactive, a good communicator and is dedicated to their community.  Vote for the person who you want to be your ‘voice’.

Throughout the year, I have met hundreds of people who believe that this is the type of campaign that should be run by all, locally and nationally.

Several negative statements and total un-truths were said and printed.  I must admit, I wasn’t quite prepared for this kind of thing.  However, I’m not naïve about the measures some will take in order to make themselves appear as the better choice. I know that not everyone will choose, or even like me and I respect that.  It’s part of the job, I suppose. This negative approach was not to be a part of obtaining our goals. Rather than lashing back, I have stood and continue to stand by everything I have stated and will not waiver.

It was clear and the overall opinion of our community that after several months of campaigning, gatherings, meetings and our local Civic Association debate, who was the better candidate for this position.

Now it’s time to make your decision.

Tomorrow, I’ll be voting for other local candidates (judges, school board, tax collectors) who I believe share in this movement.  I hope you’ll consider voting for me and allowing us to continue what we’ve started.


Jimmy D.


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