Drive like YOUR kids live here!

Out today visiting my neighbors on Church Road and consequently, taking my life into my own hands. 90% of the people are driving over the posted speed limit of 35 MPH. Add that to lack of side walks and you’re basically playing “chicken” trying to cross the street.
I’ve been told by various persons and organizations that in order for stop signs and traffic lights to be installed, “someone either has to die or have a high number of injuries and accidents on that particular roadway”.
This is unacceptable.
How are we to be proactive and point out potential problems in our neighborhood when this is the standard response?
I do not, and as your Commissioner, will not accept this answer. I am a very ‘squeaky wheel’ and I can assure you, I will not rest until all drivers (residents and non-residents), bikers and pedestrians are safe and feel safe navigating Abington’s roadways.
I have a 9 year old daughter who crosses our streets daily.
Drive like YOUR kids live here!

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