Primary Day – May 21, 2013

Throughout my travels in Abington, I’ve met so many interested, well informed and enthusiastic people. You truly believe you’re ready for a change and a new voice. One neighbor told me, “It’s time to start loving our neighborhood again.”  I couldn’t agree more.
In one week, you have an opportunity to set this movement in motion.  Your vote is the beginning of something new, innovative and exciting.
This Primary Election I ask that when you vote, consider what we’ve discussed or what you have read about me.  If I haven’t had the opportunity to meet you personally as of yet, expect a knock on your door in the upcoming future.  I want to listen.
If you do not see my name on your ticket, you are also able to write my name in the appropriate box to place your vote for Commissioner.
I thank you in advance and look forward to seeing you next Tuesday and again in November.


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